Poll-What Kind of Immortal Are You?

Pretend for a moment you are a character in my novel. You have a rare gene that allows you to die and come back to life, rejuvenated. Once you discover your “gift” how will you use it? Four groups of immortals approach to recruit you. Which would you choose?  Vote in the poll after viewing the outlines below. Even if you just read the headings, you’ll know how to vote.

Alchemy Emblem. Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Alchemist emblem. Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

The Alchemists Guild- Give everyone immortality, it’s only fair

  • Origin- Medieval alchemist Nicholas Flamel thought he had discovered immortality when he created the Philosopher’s Stone. When other alchemists used the stone but did not rejuvenate, he faked his death and went in search of others like himself.
  • Currently- The Alchemists now suspect their condition is genetic and work with scientists to discover the genes involved. The process has been slow since they only work with a few trusted scientists.
  • Philosophy- Everyone should have immortality and the gene therapy should be free.
© CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / CC-BY-SA-3.(via Wikimedia Commons)

© CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / CC-BY-SA-3.(via Wikimedia Commons)

The Brotherhood of the Crane- Longevity is good. Immortality is bad.

  • Origin- Ko Hung, ancient Chinese Alchemist created immortality elixirs that contained arsenic and mercury. They worked for him because each time he died he rejuvenated. When he realized his elixirs were poison, he set out to discourage others from seeking immortality.
  • Currently- Members of the Brotherhood of the Crane believe in helping people live longer, healthier lives, but do not support immortality.
  • Philosophy- Brevity makes life valuable. Also, too many immortals cause environmental disaster. Those with immortality genes must help people live better lives and eventually die of old age themselves.
Public Domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

The Phoenix Legion- Immortality is top secret weapon, only for soldiers born with it.

  • Origin- Several Spartan soldiers, after deaths on the battlefield, revived looking and feeling younger, with only scars. Thinking they had been chosen by the gods, they searched for others like them and formed a legion of super soldiers.
  • Currently- Members enlist in wars they support with other Phoenix Legionnaires so they can help each other recover after each death. Downside? Death from a very serious injury means no recovery.
  • Philosophy- Each time a Phoenix dies in battle, he has saved the life of another soldier. Legionnaires identities and semi-immortality must remain secret so no one coerces them to fight.
Fresco in San Miniato, Pisa. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Fresco in San Miniato, Pisa.
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Aqua Vita Society- Sell immortality. Eventually, everyone will be able to afford it.

  • Origin- While exploring Panama with Balboa, an unnamed conquistador died of a disease shortly after drinking from a spring. When he awoke rejuvenated, he told his companions he’d found the fountain of youth. When the waters did not work for anyone else, they drove him away and left the young man to wander the Americas looking for others who shared his gift.
  • Currently- Members believe their immortality lies in their genes and they are debating whether to share the gene or keep it secret. Those who want to share it will turn studies over to scientists in the private sector and sell the treatment.
  • Philosophy- People will pay for immortality. It will be expensive at first, but the market will bring the price down and everyone will be able to buy immortality one day.

Now it’s your turn to vote. Which secret society would you join?

This poll will be open until Thursday, September 18th. I will post the results Friday the 19th.

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