About the Novel


The Phoenix Gene


Rob Garrison doesn’t remember how to make friends outside of a combat unit. He’s been fighting since 1775 and the gene that makes him biologically immortal won’t regenerate his lost leg. No longer able to enlist, Rob feels he will spend the rest of his long lifespan alone. Then Rob’s four century old father offers to take him back, but there’s one condition: He has to kidnap his half-brother Jaden.

Rob agrees, thinking it is best for the child who shares the phoenix gene with them, but changes his mind when he meets Michelle Hunter, the boy’s tender-hearted yet resilient mother. He then has the difficult task of explaining the gene to Michelle, a marine biologist, and trying to convince her Jaden is in danger.

Naturally, Michelle refuses to believe him, until she watches Rob drop into a cryptobiotic state and rejuvenate after an injury he receives trying to prevent her son’s kidnapping. She’s still reeling from learning about the rare gene that its bearers keep secret, when Jaden is taken right out of her arms.

They set off to bring Jaden home before his father hides all traces of him.

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