Longevity Is No Accident


Alaska’s Death Certificate, box 30

What if sudden accidents were the only causes of death? What if there was no more starvation, heart disease or old age? How long would we live? One simulation at polstats.com ( http://polstats.com/#!/life) uses life insurance statistics to simulate what that world would be like.

If you run the simulation, 100 little smiley faces turn into icons that indicate a cause of death and how long that icon lived. Many icons don’t meet an accidental death such as car accident or fire, until after they are 5,000 years old. Under the simulation the average life expectancy in the US jumped from 78 to 8,938 years.

accidental deaths

You’ll also watch a large number of smiley faces turn into cars, the indicator of death in a motor vehicle accident, 0.011 percent of all causes of death. What would the simulation look like if fewer of us drove? What if self-driving cars could avoid most accidents for us?

It seems unlikely that we’ll be able to treat all disease or “cure” aging any time soon, but what if someday longevity, or even immortality, is “no accident?”


The simulation itself- We Suck At Driving


Discussion of the simulation-  If You Could Only Die In Sudden Accidents How Long Would You Live?


One response to “Longevity Is No Accident

  1. Driving, on the average, is supposedly the most complicated activity that people do. Sure, there are a few people (pilots, etc.), that have more complicated activities that they do fairly frequently, but those people are rare.

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