About this blog

“Everybody dies.” We say it often. We take it for granted. We accept it.

But advances in science, medicine, and technology might one day make death, of old age and disease at least, a thing of the past.

I’m writing a science fiction novel series exploring this possibility. This blog is to generate interest in the book, but also discussion.  I want to question assumptions and if you disagree, I want to know what you think.

I explore three main questions-

1)      HOW- In the first book, The Phoenix Code, I create a fictional gene that allows a (lucky?) few recover from injury with a younger body.  What would it take for us to erase injury and aging in real life?

2)      WHAT-  Science and technology are now developing to make old age, and even death, a thing of the past.

3)      WHEN- Once immortality is a reality, at least for a few, what happens to individuals and society?

I don’t know how the books in the series will end. Your input might sway me to write a happy ending, a tragedy, or a little of both. So weigh your options. Explore my blog and tell me what you choose.

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