Modern Immortals- Any Women?

I have covered celebrities who have been rumored to be immortal and/or time travelers in my Modern Immortals Series. Keanu Reeves, Jay-Z and Nicholas Cage are the strongest examples. They match people in historical photos or portraits and to some degree appear not to age. Those three have entire articles and web pages devoted to why they are thought to be immortal.Keanu-Reeves-Is-He-Immortal-650x331

I began to wonder if there were any women with such strong reputations for immortality.

Queen-Latifah-Lee-Daniels-StarIf you search “Immortal Celebrities,” a ton of YouTube videos pop up. One of them, 11 Celebrities Who Are Probably Immortal, only features two women. Queen Latifah, who matches with a photo an a 1940s writer, and Jenifer Lawrence, who bears a striking resemblance to an Egyptian actress from 1958.

maxresdefaultIf you search for “Ageless Celebrities” on YouTube, you get 17 Ageless Celebrities Who Might Be Vampires. In that mix, you only get seven women and the claims are based on photos that were taken only about ten years apart. 10-13 years is probably not enough time to see any aging, especially since they are all singers or actors who have the time, money, and motivation to stay the same.

So why do we have fewer famous women with a reputation for immortality? Are women in show business more likely to be shut out when they get older so there are fewer opportunities to match them to old photos of older women?

Alec Baldwin has been compared to Millard Fillmore, but if he had not been working as an older man, would any comparison have been drawn?

Nic Cage_COMPNicholas Cage does not exactly seem ageless with his receding hair line, but that does not stop people from comparing him to a picture of a dapper young gent taken in the 1880s.

Is it that we believe  women’s appearances are unique and we aren’t looking for similarities?

Have women’s hair and makeup styles changed so regularly that we don’t see lookalikes as often?

Or have I missed a woman who has a large following as a potential immortal? I’ll keep looking and so should you. Let me know if you find one and I’ll put her in the Modern Immortals Series.


11 Celebrities Who Might Be Immortal, YouTube

17 Ageless Celebrities Who Might Be Vampires, YouTube

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