Searching for Infinity

non-fontinfinitygreenseriesforfacebookI recently met a fascinating travel agent. She saw that the business card I designed to promote my novel on immortality had a lemniscate -or infinity symbol on it. It reminded her of a visit Hong Kong in 1997. She was told that license plates with the number 8 on them were rare and valuable. As a vertical infinity sign, they were lucky, symbol of immortality. Allegedly, people paid extra to have an 8 on their lisence plates and it was even a status symbol.

Photo by author

After our discussion, I started looking for the infinity symbol and I found one right next to my right shoulder in my office. The scanning machine made by Fujitsu has the symbol above their company name.

The blog post below has a wealth of information about the symbol’s origin and what it means across cultures. It’s almost always associated with eternity or longevity. Another reason I’m interested in symbols of immortality; I’m headed to Thailand to be surrounded by people who believe in immortality, if only through re-incarnation. I should have some interesting tweets and posts in the near future.


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