Would you share immortality?

If you discovered a treatment that allowed people to stay alive (and healthy) in their own bodies indefinitely, would you share it?

Portions of the novel I’m writing deal with this question. Vote in the poll and you’ll be able to see the results so far. The link at the bottom of the page will direct you to a discussion of the results as of 8/23/2016.

3 responses to “Would you share immortality?

  1. Very tough question.
    Immortal soldiers means the cosnsequence of war is diminished, which would make it more appealing and shift the balance of power in unpredictable ways.
    Selling it (legally) would likely be a regulatory nightmare.
    Sharing it with your family and friends is nice, but what about their family and friends who don’t get it?
    Keeping it a secret is a heavy burden to bear, especially if you have children.
    If it was made widely available to anyone, the earth and humanity would, putting it mildly, have an “adjustment” period, but cultures and societies would have to adapt eventually.

  2. This one is very challenging. A couple are obvious “no’s” but the others present moral dilemmas no matter which I choose. I think I don’t really trust humanity, as it currently stands, with it. But who am I to make that decision for the world?

  3. Give it away. While I need cash, someone would probably donate enough to retire, out of appreciation. My main goal, motivating the dispersal, is the maturation of humanity.

    If people have more time to think, and are less motivated by fear, society should markedly improve. This, both due to individuals self-improving, and society containing more decent people whom contribute. That should, eventually, lead to me finding some god damned tolerable company.

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