February Science Question- Gene Sequencing


Human Chromosomes, Image by National Human Genome Research Institute

How many people have had their genes sequenced since the Human Genome Project was complete?

Credibility is vital in science fiction novels. I went cold when I realized that I didn’t know the answer and several of the characters in my novel have had large portions of their DNA sequenced.

Given that the original Human Genome Project took around 25 year to complete and cost $2.7 billion (not adjusted for inflation), I wondered if it was even slightly believable for a normal person in the present day to have a sequence of their genes just lying around.

Click here for the answer (it will take you to the next post), write a guess in the comments below, or do your own research to see what you find.


Illumina Promises To Sequence Human Genome For $100 — But Not Quite Yet


The Human Genome Project Completion: Frequently Asked Questions


One response to “February Science Question- Gene Sequencing

  1. Great blog Laura ❤ Writing or reading Science fiction will take your imagination to another world. You can guarantee that it will blow your mind.

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